Ten pregnancy symptoms

Top Ten Early Symptoms of Pregnancy

Today we will discuss the top 10 early symptoms of pregnancy. Pregnancy is a natural process of childbirth and is a very important time for every woman. The start of gestation period for a natural pregnancy is based on the start date of the last menstrual cycle. When a woman gets pregnant, she can experience some difficulties. Most of the time, pregnancy symptoms start as early as three or four weeks of pregnancy. If a woman doesn’t have enough knowledge about pregnancy, then she would have trouble recognizing the symptoms. Today I will discuss the top ten early symptoms of pregnancy.

Missed Periods

A missed period is one of the first and most common symptoms of pregnancy.  Pregnancy is counted from the start date of the last menstrual cycle. When a woman gets pregnant, she can miss her next menstrual cycle. If you’ve missed a period it could mean you are already pregnant for four weeks. Remember that a missed period can also be a sign of an irregular periods so if you miss your period you should look for other pregnancy signs and symptoms.

Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is a natural symptom of pregnancy. Morning sickness can be headaches, nausea, and vomiting in the morning. These symptoms can start around the  fourth week of pregnancy and can stay until the end of the first trimester. Morning sickness is not mandatory and some women can be pregnant without this symptom. So if you do not get morning sickness during your pregnancy time don’t worry. It’s a natural process for a few women.

Light Spotting

Light spotting is another possible symptom of pregnancy. Light spotting can happen when the fertilized egg joins the lining of the uterus. This bleeding is also similar to an irregular period. If you miss your period and get the light spotting shortly after your menstruation time, you should take a pregnancy test. This spotting mainly can be dark and brownish in color but it can also be light red in color.

Mood Swings

Mood swings are also common signs of pregnancy. If a woman has conceived a baby, her mood can change at any time sometimes. She can feel happy, sad, angry or depressed. Naturally mood swing happens due to the hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy. Increasing hormones change the mood and mind rapidly. Some women also experience these extreme mood changes and they can talk with the rude voice.

Breast Tenderness

Feeling breast pain and tenderness is one of the main symptoms of pregnancy. This symptom happens because of hormonal changes. It is not a mandatory symptom for all pregnant women. Some women can miss this symptom in their early pregnancy. Remember,  breast tenderness is also a symptom during menstruation. Both are similar so if you get breast pain, you should try to find out the other pregnancy signs and symptoms that can occur during this time.

Nausea and Vomiting

Nausea and vomiting are two of the most common signs of pregnancy. Pregnant women can experience these symptoms at any time during their pregnancy. Some women start to experience these symptoms as early as two weeks after conception. There are a few pregnant women who can suffer nausea without vomiting. this symptom doesn’t necessarily last until the end of the first trimester. After they start, vomiting and nausea can occur on a day by day basis but some women can feel them more often.

Frequent Urination

Frequent urination is also a major sign of pregnancy. It happens because of hormonal changes. If you’ve missed your period and get a frequent urination, you should take a pregnancy test. Naturally pregnant women need to go to the washroom a minimum of ten to fifteen times in a single day. Frequent urination can happen due to other issues as well so you need to verify another pregnancy symptom.

Raised Body Temperature

Increasing body temperature is a sign of pregnancy. Body temperature increases slightly after ovulation and may continue until your next menstrual cycle. Women experience the highest temperatures when they first wake in the morning. Body temperature then lowers slowly.