how to stop stress sweat

How to Stop Stress Sweat

How do you stop stress sweat? Even though everyone sweats, it’s not always that acceptable to do in certain situations. And before you can battle/fight this, you need to know that not all sweat is created the same way. Heat, activity and stress are the main causes of sweat.

Why stress sweat is different?

From research we’ve discovered that stress sweat is unique because it comes from a different gland of the body. This type of sweat is caused by the moisture that results from a cross section of your eccrine gland. Stress results from apocrine glands which is located in your groin region and the inner ear. After that strenuous workout on a cardiovascular machine, your eccrine glands are located all over your body and help regulate your body temperature by releasing moisture that evaporates and subsequently cools your skin. When you break out in a cold, the blood vessels in your skin don’t dilate as much as they would with heat sweat. Your hands and feet might actually feel cold because your blood is going to other vital organs when your under stress.

Why does our body create stress sweat?

The signals for stress sweat come from a different part of the brain than heat sweat. Research has shown, that when feeling anxiety the sympathetic system cause your hands, feet and underarms to perspire thats priming you for action under fight or flight response. In ancient times, the added moisture produced by the sweat glands could have helped our ancestors grab weapons or hold on to saber-toothed tiger. They may be an evolutionary reason as to why we emit odors when we’re stressed. If something large is chasing you, potentially a foul smell can repulse a predator as well as let surrounding people know that there is danger. In those situations, the need to stop stress sweat was definitely not of even the most remote of concerns!

Why does stress sweat stink?

Heat and activity is 90% but stress sweat is 80% water 20% lipids and proteins. The food and protein act food for bacteria that live on skin. When those bacteria eat that sweat they secrete a smelly waste. The smell from that waste is why stress sweat has its strong odor.

Is stress sweat contagious?

The funny thing about stress is that when we are under stress, our bodies send a subconscious signal that most likely will impact the behaviour of the people around you. However faint, the smell of stress sweat can also impact those who around you. When people smell the stress sweat, even at a subconscious level they probably will start sweating as well. Even worse, having a fear of sweating can also lead to even more stress sweating!

How can you beat the stress sweat monster?

No matter how frustrating or hopeless your stress sweating can be, stress sweat can still be beat. Using an antiperspirant with an aluminum salt base can be a helpful line of defense. Essentially, the sweat gland absorbs the compound, and forms a plug that blocks perspiration. Also, you can apply antiperspirant to your underarms, your feet and also your palms if you want an extra layer of protection. Stress sweat is a difficult proposition to face, by using the right antiperspirant and proper planning we can all stop stress sweat in one form or another.