how to get revenge on a bully

How to Get Revenge on a Bully

We all have seen or heard of someone that how to get revenge on a bully. Undeniably, you would love to make them regret they ever imagined tormenting you or anyone else, and to be so terrified that they will never, ever in your life be disrespectful to you or anyone else in the future.


Bullying is unwanted, disruptive behavior amongst school aged children that involves a genuine or viewed power imbalance. The conduct is repeated, or has the potential to be repeated, as time pass. Both kids who are bullied and exactly who bully other types of may have serious, long-term problems.

Revenge on a Bully

So how do you get revenge in a bully without getting in trouble? There are several ways that you can get revenge on a bully. Here are a few tips:

Getting revenge means that you will have to offer your teasers back all the pain they have caused you all these years. Giving them back all this pain at the same time would either kill them or send them to the hospital for the rest of their lives. And also make you feel ok. You may believe that this is exactly what they deserve, but is it really?

The naked truth is that there have actually been a few kids over the last few years who got revenge by shooting kids in their schools, and you probably have become aware of them. Just some of the other kids who murdered also killed themselves after killing their victims. The rest are locked up jail, and quite possibly wishing they were dead.

Number One: Accept that your bullies are not completely at fault of what they have carried out to you. Hurt people hurt people.

Number Two: Every minute you spend thinking about revenge is a minute that your teasers are remaining to defeat you! As an alternative to wasting your time and your life thinking of how to get back at the bully. Forget about them, move on with your life.

Number Three: Turn your bullies from winners into losers. a much healthier solution for both you and your tormentors. You will also have the satisfaction of feeling that they respect you more than ever before.

So How to Get Revenge on a Bully

In the end of the day, the best revenge on a bully is to turn the bully into an ally. Bullying can be destructive to everyone, society as a whole.  As you grow older and wiser with age we learn to forgive. Not forget but to forgive. Bullies can and do come around. Maybe the wounds have healed, maybe the wounds have not. Only time will truly heal all wounds. And forgiveness. That’s truly how to get revenge on a bully.