how to be a better mom

How to Be a Better Mom

When you were pregnant, people told you that motherhood is beautiful. They said you will forget all the morning sickness and vomiting once you have a baby in your arms. Everyone said that the nine months of mood swings and hormonal storms will be worth it in the end. But they forgot to tell you one thing, it is not easy to learn how to be a better mom.

After the birth of your first child, and you’ve made it through all of the warning signs of pregnancy, you had to go through a lot of learning and suffering. You made mistakes and did somethings wrong. But bravo if you are ready to learn from your mistakes for your future children.

The Importance of Knowing How to Be a Better Mom

Adaptability is a beautiful personality trait. Being able to change your behavior and habits is what will make you a cooler and better mom. Your kids will like you better if you listen to them and tweak things according to their wishes. This will in turn lead to a healthy relationship between your children and you.

Great Mom’s Listen to Their Children

Always remember to listen to your children. Never tell them that they are stupid or that they do not know enough. They are human beings who know better about the changing society. So, it is always healthy and better to give your children your undivided attention when they are talking.

Take their opinions on matters and decisions. It will make them feel important. They will also become more confident and will grow a stronger personality.

Mom’s Are In Charge

It is very important to let your kids share their opinions. But it is equally important to let them know that you are in charge. Specially in their early years of development, your influence over them should be positive but also firm. Stubborn kids are handled easily if they know that no matter what they do, their parents have a higher power. The key here is to find a balance between being controlling and letting them have their every once in a while.

A Good Mother Takes Care of Herself

Do you feel like you are not a good mom? Do you want to learn how to be a better mom? Here is a golden tip for you: Take care of yourself as a priority. When a plane is about to crash, the passengers are advised to put on their oxygen mask and then their neighbor’s. The same rule applies.

If you are in good health, only then can your kids be in a good health. Your mind and body should be thriving and feeding on positivity. Because a tired, sleep deprived mom who is low on sugar and vitamins can never make a great mom.

A Great Mom Spends Time With Their Kids

We know how hard it is for you to make both ends meet. To give your kids a good future, you need to earn money. Moms always keep worrying about college funds and the money needed to put them through school. But the truth is, what most kids want is healthy and quality time spend with their moms. Yes, you do need to work hard. But do not forget to spend time with your kids. A good mom knows how to comfort someone, especially a child when the time is right.

The kids will, with your help, find ways to finance themselves for an education. But no amount of money can be a compensation for time lost. They want you to play with them, read books with them, to go to the park with them and listen to their silly stories.

Being a Better Mom is a Lifelong Journey

As your kids keep growing and as you have more kids, you keep learning to be better at mother-hood. Do not forget that learning is a lifelong process. You cannot read a book or a blog in fifteen minutes and say to yourself, “Yes, Now I am a perfect mother.”

If you are willing to learn new things, your children will always think of you as a perfect mom!

Be Flexible

A better mom is a mom who is not rigid. Kids love moms who are ready to change their behaviors according to the change age of science and technology. Your kids will relate to you better if you sit with them and learn new things that they know. This principle applies on morals as well as practical technology. Ask them to keep you aware of the changing trends.

Never Play Favorites

Moms are as human as every other person. They have the same internal nature. So, it is very easy to fall prey to the habit of having a favorite kid. Every child has his or her own personality. You might like one kid’s nature and habits more than the others. But do not show that to the kids. Playing favorites can create resentment among children.

Always be fair with your kids. If they need to be punished for a mistake, punish them equally. Similarly, show physical affection and kindness to them in equal proportions. Preferring one kid over the other can cause long term damage to their emotional and mental health.

Be Supportive of Other Moms

Every new or experience mom struggles with the concept of how to be a better mom. Therefore, you should acknowledge the struggle of moms around you. Offer them your support. Help them if they ask. However, do not impose your ideas on them. Criticizing just for the sake of it can hurt them. So, do not open your mouth unnecessarily. Just let them know that you are here for them, physically and emotionally!

A Better Mom Learns From Her Mistakes

A better mom is a mom who learns from her mistakes and takes steps to make the necessary changes. Because being a mom is not easy. It comes with its good and bad days. But being a better mom is something you can aim to learn at any age. We are here to help you out. You have our unconditional support. And we dearly hope this article taught you something about how to be a better mom.