Spine pain can have a solid impact on your life. It may interrupt or even stop you from undertaking or participating in daily activities. Many individuals with back pain are unable to enjoy sound sleep. The issue is harmful in the long run as it affects one’s energy levels and capacity to work during day time. In most cases, little rest and lifestyle changes help improve the pain. One can lose weight, apply heat cold therapies, and focus on posture correction for relief from pain and discomfort.

In case, spine pain persists for over 5-7 weeks, it is crucial to speak to a specialist.

Here’s a list of some of the most common treatment options prescribed by spine specialists:

  1. Activity

The first approach includes the care team educating their patient about what they can do on their own to relieve pain. Certain tips and activity option are offered to help regain strength, and boost flexibility. Proper ways to lift, sit, and walk may be taught. Several ways in which you can prevent spine pain in the future will also be discussed.

  1. Oral Medication

Doctors may prescribe medication for reducing inflammation. These pills will relax muscles, and ease pain. Doctor will assess your condition, any present treatment or medicine that you take and suggest medicine accordingly.

  1. Physical Therapy

The treatment involves a variety of treatments aiming at promoting faster healing, pain relief, strength and flexibility. It also helps prevent future injuries. The physical therapist may assess your condition and develop a series of exercises. Assessment of condition also helps specialist to offer suggestions to help improve body mechanics. Some physical therapies may also include manipulation of spine (application of force to a spinal joint).

  1. Traction

Traction is a popular non-surgical technique for decompressing vertebrae. It can be done manually or through a specialist. Mechanical process is done using braces or special devices that can elongate the spine gently.

  1. Injections

These are mainly sacroiliac (SI) joint injections given exactly where the spine and pelvis join. This helps treat pain in that area. Trigger point injections are given into regions where muscles are tight and irritated. This helps in relaxing the muscle relax and relieve pain. Spinal injection may be recommended for treating inflammation effectively or ease pain. Epidural steroid (cortisone) injections may be given near specific nerves or straight into the epidural space to 6. diagnose and treat pain. Another popular injection is the facet joint injection. It is given in or near the facet joints. It is also helpful in treating arthritic joint pain.


  1. Surgery

A surgery is not required in most spine problems. However, in some cases, the spine care team may suggest surgery. It might be the best option for relieving symptoms.

  1. Microdiscectomy

The process involves removal of a part of a damaged spinal disc. It is done by using microscopically advanced techniques.

  1. Laminotomy

Cutting away part of a vertebra to open the spinal canal and relieve pressure on a nerve or the spinal cord.

  1. Spinal Fusion

The treatment procedure will fuse two vertebrae in a way to prevent any movement between them.

  1. Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion (ACDF)

The treatment procedure removes cervical disc (a disc in the neck) of spine. After removal, the vertebrae above and under it is fused.

  1. Vertebroplasty

It is a process of injecting special cement into a collapsed vertebra. Vertebroplasty stabilizes the damaged bone and gives additional support.

  1. Kyphoplasty

Miami spine specialists will inject a special balloon and cement into collapsed vertebra. They will inflate the balloon within vertebra. This helps restoring the original height of the bone. Cement preserves the shape even after the balloon gets removed.

  1. Total Disc Replacement

This treatment option is referred to as arthroplasty. It involves removal the damaged spinal disc completely. The disc is replaced with an artificial disc which preserves motion between vertebrae.