Cocoa Butter or Coconut Oil. Which is Better for Your Hair.

These are two different products and both oils can be used for both your hair and skin treatments. If you love the oils then you are familiar with both. But it might be quite hard to tell the difference if you are new to these hair products at times even, if you used them. We decided to ask the question, cocoa butter or coconut oil, which is better for your hair?

How Do You Make Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter is extracted from the cocoa bean and it has a cocoa flavor and aroma it is a great helper from nature. Cocoa butter can do wonders to your hair and skin too. Raw cocoa butter is yellow in color and if you want your hair to grow, cocoa butter is will help you more than anything else. Cocoa butter moisturizes your hair and makes it manageable.

How Does Cocoa Butter Work

Cocoa butter prevents hair loss due to breakage because it strengthens the hair shaft. The volume is added, repairs the strength of the hair and it becomes fine because it repairs damaged hair strands, and then prevents further damage. Cocoa butter is best because of its healing power and softening properties that make your hair shiny and most importantly healthy, unlike coconut oil. You will obviously not like the smell and this is the only sad part about cocoa butter but you will love the result.

Cocoa Butter is Versatile

Cocoa butter is versatile, it makes a wonderful conditioner and this can be melted butter. Applying doesn’t need to be much, a little of it will do. You can use cocoa butter to style your hair and you could add little essential oil to give it a nice scent. Cocoa butter is also common in lotions and lip balms and cocoa butter have been there for long and most of us have come across it or maybe used it. Cocoa butter contains vitamin E and vitamin K which is an added advantage. It is easy to find therefore give your hair the best food it deserves.

How is Coconut Oil Made

Coconut oil is made from pressing oil from coconut meat. The oil is solid on room temperature and semi-soft and if the climate is hot, it will likely be very soft and even melt. Coconut oil can either be used as solid or melted depending on how you like it. It also helps in growth and gives a healthy thick hair. Coconut oil will help your hair grow healthier and thicker. It smooths and helps split your hair ends and by applying it well all over your hair, it acts as a leave-in treatment. It also stops dandruff that makes you very uncomfortable and this oil will also save your hair from sun damage. Coconut oil works perfectly well for those with soft and fine hair and this is where now it cocono cocoa butter.

Cocoa Butter and Coconut Oil Smell Alike. But They Are Different

Both cocoa butter and cocoa oil look and smell similar but the difference will come in the benefits. Cocoa butter has lately become familiar to many because of its many benefits to the hair. It also does not limit people without soft hair like coconut oil. Before using any of these oils, you can try to find out which one suit you best. So many manufactures have cocoa products and this makes it easy for you to get one for yourself.