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buprenorphine withdrawal

Buprenorphine Use and Buprenorphine Withdrawal

What is buprenorphine and how does buprenorphine withdrawal happen? Buprenorphine is a semi-synthetic opioid that has been used as a pain reliever. Also as an opioid replacement. Buprenorphine does have recreational effects but people usually prefer drugs like oxycodone and diacetyl morphine. The drugs positive effects include euphoria, pain relief, sedation and mood improvement. Its … Continue reading Buprenorphine Use and Buprenorphine Withdrawal

Kidney Disease Kidney Failure

Chronic Kidney Disease and Kidney Failure

Kidneys are the organs that filter waste products from the blood. They are also involved in regulating blood pressure, electrolyte balance, and red blood cell production in the body. Symptoms of Kidney Disease Another name for kidney disease is Chronic Kidney Disease or Kidney failure.  Kidney failure can occur when your kidneys become unable to filter … Continue reading Chronic Kidney Disease and Kidney Failure

Types of Therapy Available for Healing

There are many types of therapy for people who are in various stages of mental and physical rehabilitation. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. Interpersonal Therapy. Mindfulness-based Therapies. Psycho dynamic Therapy. Group Therapy Emotion-Focused Therapy. Family Therapy.