buprenorphine withdrawal

Buprenorphine Use and Buprenorphine Withdrawal

What is buprenorphine and how does buprenorphine withdrawal happen? Buprenorphine is a semi-synthetic opioid that has been used as a pain reliever. Also as an opioid replacement. Buprenorphine does have recreational effects but people usually prefer drugs like oxycodone and diacetyl morphine. The drugs positive effects include euphoria, pain relief, sedation and mood improvement. Its negative effects can include nausea, vomiting, constipation, urinary retention, dizziness, sweating and insomnia. These symptoms also happen with buprenorphine withdrawal.

Using Buprenorphine in place of opioids

Buprenorphine is primarily used to help people get off other opioids and to treat pain. Its effects can be compared to morphine but it’s reliably less recreational providing a relatively small amount of euphoria.  Opioids attach to opioid receptors in your brain and release dopamine.  When the opioids are spent the dopamine stops and the brain starts to have withdrawal.

Buprenorphine is used as a replacement to the opioid, it’s satisfies the opioid receptors, but has less the potency.  Buprenorphine is a different drug altogether. This is how buprenorphine replaces opioids.  The next step would be to stop the use of buprenorphine without buprenorphine withdrawal.

Ceiling effect and how buprenorphine withdrawal happens

Ceiling effect of buprenorphine. As you take more and more buprenorphine, you get more stimulation of the opioid sensor, but there is a ceiling. No matter how much more buprenorphine you take, there will be no more stimulation of the opioid sensor. Tolerance develops to a certain blood level.

And the blood level containing buprenorphine can rise, but there is no more stimulation, in fact, the opioid sensors are satisfied and there’s no craving for opioids. However, if the blood level of the buprenorphine dropped below the tolerance level, cravings will start again.  Buprenorphine withdrawal starts when the level of buprenorphine in the blood drops below the tolerance level.

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