Best Workout Videos for Pregnant Women

There’s one constant fact about pregnancy, and that is women gain weight. But, outside of a weight training program for pregnant ladies, it’s best to have a workout that is a tad less high impact. This is why there are workout videos for pregnant women. So when the ladies are trying to create a pregnant workout plan, that is good for metabolism,  these videos already have everything covered.  Here are a few of the best workout videos for women who are pregnant.

Pregnancy Workout Videos

Suzanne Bowen’s Slim & Toned Prenatal Barre Workout

This pregnancy workout video integrates the following aspects into a prenatal fitness system:

  • strength
  • cardio
  • flexibility

Suzanne combines her cardio intervals with minor flexibility training to create this well-rounded workout appropriate for the entire pregnancy period, even into the “fourth trimester” or postnatal period.

The emphasis on proper core contraction and the allowance for the expanding belly will help you stay slim and toned during pregnancy. This workout will also have you ready to bounce back to your pre-pregnancy body after you’ve had your baby.

Denise Austin: Fit & Firm Pregnancy

Denise Austin produces an energy-boosting program that focuses on:

  • everyday strength
  • “perfect pregnancy posture”
  • reshaping your after-baby body

Through the “Breathing and Core Awareness” section of the workout plan, you are able to stimulate your core muscles and elevate your spirit during this 5-minute preparatory segment

10 Minute Solution: Prenatal Pilates

This pregnancy workout video features a series of quick workouts for soon-to-be moms. In order to follow along with this pregnancy workout video, you will need some basic supplies: couple of pillows and some light hand weights. This pregnancy workout DVD has the best stretches and prenatal pilates positions that have helped me become pain free. Actually, my back and hips have never felt better. There is no excuse that you don’t have time because anyone can fit in a quick workout in just 10 minutes!

Get a Pregnancy Workout Video

Being pregnant is no excuse to stop your workout routine. Pregnancy can be tough, but when you put in a good workout plan, your pregnancy will be just that much easier.