Best Toys for 6 Month Olds

The Need for the Best Toys for 6 Month Old Babies

As a mom greatly concerned for your child’s best growth and development, you should be aware of their needs and requirements. Toys are something that babies love to have to play. Every month, they got bored of old toys and demand new ones. So, these toys can be used as a tool for their own well-being. That is why we discuss here the best toys for 6 month old babies.

It might seem very silly to you that you have be careful about choosing toys as well. Because our parents or their parents did not seem to put much thought into it. But as the world is changing, we have to change with it. To help your babies survive this cruel world, you have to provide them the right tools. And remember, at the age of 6 months, all the tools that you can give them are toys!

Choosing the Right Toy for 6 Month Old Babies

6-month-old babies are a at a crucial age of development. They finally start to recognize familiar faces. Babies at this age will shift objects from one hand to another. They also shake these objects. 6 month old babies babble and make noises. Toys can be very helpful in making the baby learn new things.

There are so many different kinds of toys out there. There are websites that offer online purchasing. The market is full of shops that sell baby toys. But who has the time to look at everything at the time of shopping to decide what to buy? Let us make that job easy for you. Here is a quick overview of things that must be kept at the back of the mind while shopping for 6 month old babies.

Things to Remember About Picking Toys

Remember the following points while picking up the best toys for 6 month old babies:

  • Always pick colorful toys for your kids.
  • Pick toys with size larger than the baby’s mouth! At this age, babies like to put everything in their mouth. You do not want your baby to swallow any toy and suffer, right?
  • The toys that make a sound when moved or rattled should be preferred. This helps the baby to learn to turn his or her head towards the sound and also soothes him or her.
  • They should have parts that can be moved by the baby. This helps the baby in learning movements.
  • If the child can follow a toy by crawling, pick that toy!
  • Toys and dolls that say Mama and Dada can help your baby form his or her first words
  • Toys like Legos that can be stacked in a pile or a line can help teach your kids simple addition and subtraction.

We hope this list gave you a superficial overview. Now keeping this simple check-list in mind, here are some suggestions for you.

Speaking Dolls

There are a number of dolls available in the market that speak ‘Mama’ when pressed. These kinds of dolls can ensure that your baby’s first word is Mama.

Dancing Dolls

A dancing doll can be very fun to play with, for a baby. The movement of the doll will help the baby’s eye movements by following it.

Colorful Soft Foot-balls with Lights

Best toys for 6 month old babies include footballs, made of many different colored patches. The material should be soft so that the baby can squeeze it while sleeping as well. Balls with colors and lights can engage your baby on a happy play time as well.

Teething Toys

If your baby has a habit of putting toys in the mouth, teething toys with soft, soothing texture can become best toys for 6 month old babies.


You can have a perfect parent-child time with these toys. You can teach them addition and subtraction by simply playing ‘peek-a-boo’ with these toys. But while buying such toys, pick the ones which large parts. Because children put small parts in their mouths.

Barn Animals

Toys having a number of barn animals, like goats, cows, rabbits, horses etc. can serve as best toys for 6 month old babies. Seeing these animals and hearing their names from you repeatedly will help them learn faster. School examiners often ask children to name barn animals, to gain admission in their school. Using such educational toys can help you in the feat.

Books with Musical Sounds and Projections

Your baby definitely cannot read at this point. But surrounding him or her with books will make your kids love to learn. Buy for your kids, books that play a music when opened. There are also books available that read the story written within when played. Some books come with cut-outs that project upwards and outwards when opened. This can serve to be very engaging for your babies.

Small Piano/Key-boards:

Small keyboards that make various noises by pressing different keys can help a great deal in developing your baby’s hearing and cognitive skills


There are toys available in the market that can be have scribbling done on them with an erasable marker. Playing with it in front of your kid and letting him or her scribble on it under supervision will help the child develop a liking for writing.

Remember. When Buying the Best Toys for 6 month Old Babies

Concluding this article, we would like to first congratulate on having a 6 month baby! We are proud of the progress you have made so far as a mother and we hope you keep cracking the code to motherhood.

If you as a mom know what toys to pick, your kid can learn a lot just by playing with her or his toys. Various types of toys are available for your kid all over the internet. It gets very confusing what to choose. This is why we have tried to narrow down some options for you. Pick colorful, noisy and safe toys. Become a better mom by making the right choices for your kids.